Bill’s Hobby Shop started out about 25 years ago in an 8x12 wooden shed. I, Bill, began working on small engines and progressed up to cars and was even involved in racing stock cars on local oval dirt tracks in the mid 80’s. After realizing how expensive the dirt track racing was, and the no-return on the dollar, I turned my attention and devotion to street rods and Hot Rods in 1987. I began by building my first car, a 1955 Chevy 2dr 210 sedan. I became acquainted and became good friends with some local boys who helped me along with building and learning the ins and outs of the industry.  Over the years, we have built and sold a lot of cars together. We have toured numerous car shows, local and national, with our families and friends. We have made a lot of friends around the nation because of the cars we drive and show.  We believe that all cars should be driven, just as “Jay Leno” of the “Tonight Show” drives his really expensive cars. 

Bill’s Hobby Shop is just THAT! A HOBBY!  

Bill’s Hobby Shop is a 7500 square foot building with a 2500 sq ft shop area. We work evenings and weekends to build top quality driver cars. I also do some local mechanic work on late model cars to help pay the overhead and the cost of building my own cars. This also helps in keeping up with the new technology being used in the newer cars.